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Frequent Sweating at Night After Childbirth, This Is the Reason and Solution

Ada berbagai perubahan tubuh yang dapat Bunda alami setelah melahirkan. Salah satunya adalah berkeringat di malam hari. Bahkan, ada pula yang sampai terbangun dari tidur nyenyak karena kondisi tersebut. Apakah Bunda pernah mengalaminya? Berkeringat di malam hari, terutama yang mengganggu tidur, tentu dapat membuat Bunda merasa tidak nyaman. Bunda juga mungkin jadi bertanya-tanya, apakah hal tersebut normal atau justru merupakan gejala penyakit tertentu. Yuk, cari tahu lebih lanjut. Reasons for Night Sweating After Childbirth Relax, Bun, sweating at night after giving birth is a natural thing. This condition occurs due to changes in the body after giving birth, and does not indicate a health disorder. Complaints of sweating at night will disappear by itself within a few weeks after giving birth. Night sweats after childbirth are usually caused by a decrease in the hormone estrogen and also the stress you feel. Sweating at night can also be one of the ways the body to remove exces
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Benefits of Watermelon to Reduce High Blood Pressure

Watermelon is a fruit with a variety of benefits. Not only refreshing the body when consumed in hot weather, watermelon is also able to help reduce high blood pressure. Watermelon is a tropical fruit that has a very high water content. According to research, the water content in one watermelon reaches 91%. Apart from high water content, watermelons are also rich in fiber, vitamins, and minerals, which are beneficial for health. Various Benefits of Watermelons There are several benefits that are believed to be obtained by eating watermelons, including: Sufficient body fluid needs Smooth digestion Reducing the inflammation process Reducing muscle pain Improve performance when exercising Maintaining heart and blood vessel health Prevent cancer The benefits above are suspected because the watermelon contains citrulline which works as an antioxidant. Citrulline is an amino acid (a protein-forming component) that can be found in food and is also produced naturally by the human

7 Ways to Encourage the Spirit of Work after a Long Holiday

Many people find it hard to return to work after a long vacation. But do not worry, because there are several ways you can do to get back to work. There are various benefits of vacations, including increasing work productivity and creativity. It's just that morale often has decreased when I have to go back to work, after a long vacation. Come on, find out how to restore your morale. Tips for Productive Return After Vacationing Before returning to work, first give yourself a chance to rest at home, after a long vacation. Try to get home, at least one day before returning to work. Getting enough rest will keep you energized and prevent you from experiencing stress In addition, there are six other things you can do, namely: Prepare luggage from the night before For some people, experiencing one small mistake in the morning can damage the mood all day. To prevent this you can prepare all the necessities or luggage at night. So, you can focus on doing your daily routine, st